One’s environment is no small component of their identity. Therefore, it’s reflection within their jewellery is telling. Through my practice, I aim to create visual manifestations of the multifaceted intricacies of personal identity, as reflected in the places which one inhabits and frequents.

My work- in precious metals and resin-interprets the traditional concepts and forms of a looking glass, through experimentation with space and reflectivity. A sense of universal familiarity is evoked within the wearer and viewer, as the ubiquitous connotations provide an immediate area of connection. Mirrors are central to the concept of self- reflection and identity, as they provide a way to see something that we would not otherwise be able to.

Reflective surfaces, along with the contrasts created by repetitions in the urban environment- and the changes which accompany the movement of light against simple, linear planes- provide me with a basis for visual exploration. The moment where tangibility ends and the ephemeral starts.

Drawing on these investigations into distorted and fragmented reflection, shadow, and space; I explore illusion and perception through the sculptural frameworks of jewellery objects. Where solid, tangible forms are reduced to transient images, the fragmentary nature of observation and understanding is depicted.