My work is driven by the fragmented and distorted forms reflected within these images.
Glasgow/ Paris

Through investigations into distorted and fragmented reflection and space, I explore illusion and perception.

I take inspiration from repeated linear structures found within architecture and contrast these controlled forms with amorphous and disordered images produced by the reflective surfaces which are equally as prevalent within the urban environment.
Through experimentation with space and reflectivity, I aim to harness these visual juxtapositions, to depict the fragmentary nature of observation and understanding, and portray this through the sculptural frameworks of jewellery objects.

From replicating the ancient practice of creating mirror by highly polishing sheet metal, through to vast experimentation, production and refinement of reflective resin surfaces, my work seeks to echo the allure of the intangible and fleeting images which appear in mirrored surfaces. A combination of hand- drawn and photographic images, transferred on to acetate suggest and emphasise these notions of movement and change.

My exploration of kinetic techniques- coupled with mirror- like two dimensional surfaces in resin and metal- allows me to produce varied and ambiguous forms, which are representative of the intertwined nature of light, shadow, space, movement and context.